Here in Calypsociation the steelpan is being played in a steelband. Therefore we offer collective weekly lessons all year long. We welcome adults and children (starting at 8).

These lessons take place in our shop from 8 pm to 11 pm during the week or in the afternoon during the week-ends.

The students are distributed in the different classes according to their musical level.

We also invite you to musical rendez-vous playing a directory that is common to all the students of the association.


No need to know the music to play here : we learn the tunes without partitions, by oral transmission from the teacher. This collective education inherent to the steelband culture devellops a sense of solidarity in the band and allows you quickly to play together and even to experience on stage performance.


Calypsociation‘s teaching team is made of experimented musicians who have been using this way of transmitting , as it is in Trinidad, for a long time and on various audiences.



Today our teaching team is formed by : Cément Bazin, Mathieu Borgne, Julie Goldstein, Laurent Lalsingué et Xavier Mertian.


Fares : an annual membership of € 25 and a € 160 trimestrial fee (10, 3 hours long lessons)


Calypsociation let the students use its instruments (60 pans) and the rehearsal studio so they can practice when there’s no lesson in progress. One subscription permits to attend different weekly courses.



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